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Carol Walker and Avis Scullin hatched the initial thought for a Scoretable Committee in 1989. The idea was presented to the VBA (as it was then), and rejected.

In 1990 there was a changing of the VBA Committee so the idea was re-submitted. This time it was considered to have merit and Lexie Lattanzio was given the job of doing a feasibility study. This did not take long as Lexie was all in favor from the beginning. On the 21st May 1990 a meeting of interested people was held at the old Albert Park Stadium.

This meeting elected a committee to look at what was required for a Scoretable Committee to work. These people were to meet again as soon as possible. The original Committee members were Lexie Lattanzio, Dianne McMahon, Carol Walker, John Walker, Jacqui Clancy, (VBRA coordinator) and Avis Scullin.


The next meeting of this group was on May 31st 1990 at the Bulleen Stadium. The report taken to the next meeting on the 21st August was wide ranging, from commencing a database of Scoretable officials to documenting the requirements for Levels 2, 3 and 4. In conversation with Ron Burgess and Bill Mildenhall at the Nunawading Stadium, during an Australian Championships, Avis Scullin suggested that all Scoretable Officials in Australia should be taught the same way.

The outcome of the conversation was a meeting held in Adelaide, Easter 1991 to set the guideline for the Scoretable Levels, how they would be taught and evaluated. Attended by Trevor Baker(SA), Libby Woods(WA), Merv Narin(NSW) and Avis Scullin(VIC). This meeting then became an annual event, held at the under 18 Australian Championships, until 2000 when Basketball Australia did not believe it was required any further.

That is a rough thumbnail sketch of the Scoretable Association beginnings.



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